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Answering Services

Never lose a patient – and acquire new ones in the process – with our customized after-hours answering service. We are on call 24/7 to handle any issues your patients have. Many of our employees have more than two decades of experience!


Free up your receptionist to concentrate on other areas of your practice, saving time and increasing efficiency. Physicians Answering Service can provide web-based appointment scheduling and confirmation services for doctors’ offices, dental, and more.

HIPAA Compliant
Secure Messaging

Each message in the medical industry is critical. Make sure your practice gets each and every message. Whether it’s fax, voicemail, pager, or email, we offer HIPAA-compliant messaging via our Startel® Secure Messaging platform.

Emergency Dispatch /
Call Overflow

Is your office busy during the day? Use our service as your overflow.  This allows you to extend your office staff in an affordable way, ensuring your patients won’t need to hear a busy signal.

From the start of my practice I’ve been with Physicians Answering Service. The hallmark of the service for me is when I have a problem, Physicians Answering Service goes above and beyond to solve it. The operators will search and go to all lengths to find me. Staff is going to the extra mile with great documentation and communication. That’s what’s important to me, and gives me a sense of security. One of the best parts of working with Physicians Answering Service is knowing that when I call, I will talk with someone that knows me. The PAS staff is great, and staff consistency is a real value.

– David Rosencrantz, M.D., Portland

Physicians Answering Service has decades of expertise with doctor’s offices, clinics, hospices, dental, and everywhere in the medical umbrella.

We offer some of the best pricing in the industry, with no hidden fees or fine print.
Doctor’s Offices

Most doctors’ offices are open business hours. But your patient issues are not limited to this time frame. Is your front desk overwhelmed? We treat our customers – and callers – as family members. As an extension of the medical industry for decades, we understand your mission to treat your patients with the best care possible.



Clinics often face a high volume of contacts and phone calls from patients and other medical professionals. The difference between addressing each phone call could be a handful of patients every week. Make sure you’re there when the need arises by putting us on the line.


We understand patient and family needs as a hospice manager do not commence at end of day. Our professionals provide empathetic support, with experience handling millions of calls every year. Answering each call from a family member ensures they will be taken care of.


Dental Offices

Whether it’s helping patients schedule their appointments or giving standard information to potential new patients, Physicians Answering Service has you covered. We also provide the option for emergency dispatch services based on dental emergencies.


Caring Is Our Calling.

See how we can help your office.

Physicians Answering Service understands your office needs, because we have our own. Many of our employees have 20 years or more experience in our office alone. We’ve been through tough times, but our mission and family have endured. We have a local presence in Portland, but serve clients all over the United States and Canada. Not sure an answering service is for your medical offices? We offer a FREE demo and 14-day trial on all of our services. Our value speaks for itself:

  • Our flexible and adaptive onboarding integrates to any medical offices seamlessly.
  • You can be up and running in as soon as two days. And there’s never rush fees involved.
  • You’ll have a dedicated account supervisor on the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’ll always know who you’re speaking with when you call for personalized support.
  • Your messages will be HIPAA compliant in all aspects — including our Startel Secure Messaging app.
  • Secure, off-site backup ensures your data is fully redundant and disaster-proof.
  • PAS has a specially-trained staff that practices accuracy, detail and consistency with each call and message sent.

Never miss an important moment with Startel Secure Messaging.

The Startel Secure Messaging Plus application is a safe and effective way to send and receive HIPAA-compliant text messages.

The sender’s text is fully configurable and can determine the length of message life within a 30-day period. Content is always encrypted.

Features include receipt notifications, remote wipe, voice and image attachments and auto-expire messaging.

Physicians Answering Service Recovers From Office Fire

Our Family has been through a lot.

On January 28, 2018, Physicians Answering Service lost its office and pretty much everything in it. A four-alarm fire in our Macadam Avenue offices in Portland posed a significant setback for ourselves, and our clients. Though our employees were safe, the floor collapsed 45 minutes after evacuation. Through this difficulty, we lost revenue over the course of the year. But like any strong family, we endured. And now we’re flourishing.


Meet Our Team.

Rhea Brightmon and Cathy Todd have been servicing doctors offices, clinics, dental offices and hospices for more than 20 years.

“Rhea and I have traveled to help clients at a moments notice when their call center was not going to be there for them any longer, which had left some of those places in an immediate crisis.”

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Physicians Answering Service was founded in 1990 to provide telephone answering and messaging services exclusively for the medical profession. PAS offers all the services you would expect from an industry leader at affordable, up-front pricing.

Get live operator service during business hours for call overflow or after-hours, 24/7 call monitoring. Customize your call solutions to include automated call screening, dispatch service or secure messaging. These can be combined at your choosing a-la carte. Our staff is specialized in answering for the medical industry, and are trained to take care of any issue that comes about via phone call or text message. Our dedicated account managers are on call at all hours of the evening for immediate support requests.

Give us a try and see why – just like your office or clinic – Caring Is Our Calling.